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    REVIEW: iPhone 4 LifeProof Case


    Image 3.jpgImage 1.jpgImage.jpgImage 5.jpgImage 4.jpgLifeproof:
    -Dirt proof
    -Snow proof
    -Shock proof
    -Water proof


    The boxing is very standard to what we expect now a days in this field. You have the box that has a nice flip lid that opens to view the actual case with the inside flap describing the features and benefits to using the case. The first thing you notice when picking up the box is its size. It’s very slim compared to others that offer similar protection for the iPhone. It has a picture on the side that shows you actual size of the case even though it’s hard to believe that something that slim could provide the protection it claims. Opening the box reviles the run of the mill recyclable cardboard that the case is housed in and the case that comes separated in two pieces. A nice white micro-fibre cloth is included but no screen protectors.

    Getting Started

    Now that we have the case out of the box, lets get down to reading the directions and making sure it does what it is claiming to do. Mainly the waterproofing. On the back panel of the case is a big yellow sticker that gives you cautions to take BEFORE you go diving in the pool with your iPhone. Links are provided to videos to show how to install and test the case before use on the actual phone. I must say that this is a crucial step seeing as we’re dealing with a very costly piece of equipment. Before we go any further I will point out the warranty that Lifeproof offers. “Lifeproof warrenty does not, under any circumstance, cover the replacement or cost of any electronic device or personal property inside or outside the case”. Long story short, use this at your own risk, not Lifeproofs.

    The Actual Case

    When you get it out and feel it for the first time you're sorta amazed that it can claim the type of protection it does. It’s very slim!! Coming in at a total of 13.3 mm it adds minimal bulk to your iPhone4.
    The front of the case has a plastic shield that covers the face of the iPhone with transparent spots for the camera,sensor and speaker. On the top there is a round plug that screws in the the case with a o-ring that creates the seal so no outside element can enter. The two speakers are covered are a waterproof acoustic material as well as the two mics. The front half of the case has a slight rubber feel to it although it isn’t sticky. If you’ve used a Apple bumper before you know that when you lay your iPhone down on a surface it is very resistant to sliding. the Lifeproof is not. Its slides around with little effort. This is both good and bad depending on how you use your iPhone.
    The rear of the case is slim as the front have takes up a majority of the size if this case. How it makes the seal is a o=ring that goes along a channel in the back half. This securely seals to the front half with a tongue in groove type placement. The rear camera lens is covered by non-reflective glass with another o-ring around the lens. The back is plastic that has a slightly textured feel to it although still smooth and won’t stick to your pocket lining. Great for most of us that carry our phones in our pocket and are fed up with the case sticking to them.

    Real World Performance

    We all want to know what this case performs like, well I can tell you it does exactly what it says it does. After testing the seals for 30 mins(it says a hour but I couldn’t wait that long) I placed my iPhone in the case, securely fastened it in as per directions and placed my iPhone in a sink full of water. Anyone in their right mind would surly think you were mad if they saw you doing this, but just like they claim, everything was dry as a bone. Amazing!! We’ve always been taught to keep electronics away from water and here is a case that tells you to do just the opposite.

    There are however a couple things that need to be said. As great as this case is it does have some minor(and I stress that) things that will require you to get use to.
    First is going to be the tactical feel you are use to with a iPhone. It is what makes a iPhone so nice and easy to use, The feel is complete different as you now have a clear plastic covering the nice and smooth glass screen. It won’t affect Otterbox users as much as it will others but even they will notice the difference in feel. This comes from the actual screen of the case being raised up ever so slightly. It’s caused by the fact you have a rubber seal on the ear speaker causing the rest of the screen not to sit flush. You will have to not press harder but press further to make your selection, nothing that will take more than a few minutes to become natural. I had a screen protector on mine so adding a little will not make a difference. I could see that if you took a screen protector and cut off the top part that covers the speaker and camera you might gain most of that back.(Haven’t tried yet, just a thought)
    The second thing and is the sound. It is slightly less output but I feel is all to be expected. It’s not so bad as some have made it seem(I think they were just deaf to begin with) but it is a slight difference. Talking on the phone is not affected although in noisier environments it will become clear the differences between the a open speaker and one with waterproof acoustic covering. Lifeproof claims that the back of the case actually amplifies sound to be more rich and true. I don’t think it sounds better but I don’t think it sounds worse either. the biggest change that I noticed in playing music,talking on the speaker and listening to music was the location of where the sound is coming from. On every other case I’ve owned and with no case at all, the sound as you would expect comes from the bottom of the phone. I found this not true on the Lifeproof, the sound actually comes(IMO) comes from the back of the phone, THROUGH THE CASE. The sound is clear and loud but just coming from a different area. I tested this by holding the phone up to my ear where the speaker is and then from the back of the phone. Noticeable difference in the two and I must say well done on that part.

    To me this case is a 9/10. What keeps me holding back on the 10/10 is the slight reduction is sound and the tactical feel of the front. The camera take great shots and you can’t discern the difference between a no case shot and a case one. The feel of the case is nice as it doesn't stick to your pocket linings and also the size. Having this much protection in this size is very very nice. One of the biggest things I do like is the snap closer of the charging port. It is so nice not having to constantly keep closing it because it falls open. Using the buttons are just as easy as any other case on the market so zero issues there. Using the screen under water can be a little tricky, I think mostly because the layer of water between your finger and screen, but it is usable. Drop testing went very well, I tested it from a 2 meter drop to concrete and it survived just fine. I threw it across the yard and everything stayed tight even after bouncing off a tree. (didn’t mean for that to happen). All and all, this is a great case that I would recommend to everyone who wants protection in a slim portable profile. I would recommend this case over any other to those that have a active outdoor life or work in a dirty dusty environment.

    So there you have it Stackers, great case, and they say it’s coming to Androids also so no worries there, now if we could just get a few and make a few stackers happy, I’m sure they would agree and spread the word!!!!
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    Interesting and use full can you please share me the link where i can get this for my iphone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Francis321 View Post
    Interesting and use full can you please share me the link where i can get this for my iphone.
    Welcome to PinStack! Here ya go:

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    I was considering one of these (v2) and in the end could not justify the cost. It looks great tho, wish I had one

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    It's a good case. I have one and really like how much less bulky it is over OtterBox. Though, OtterBox just acquired LifeProof and I think that it will be interesting to see the changes that get made in both cases from this.

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