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So im shopping for a new headset for my new iPhone and i ended up ... Smartphone Accessories forum

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    iPhone specific Bluetooth Headsets?


    So im shopping for a new headset for my new iPhone and i ended up here. Seems like you guys have some good opinions on headsets. For a long time i have used the Plantronics 925 and am looking to stay with the brand. I have come across this Plantronics M155 which is "optimized" for iOS. Any info, reviews, advice, user experience with this particular headset?? Thanks in advance - Newb

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    I love my BlueAnt Q2.

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    Welcome to the forum. Sorry I can't help, I don't use a BT device.
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    Welcome to Pinstack. I also use a BlueAnt Q2, works pretty well, although I am constantly watching new items coming through.
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