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Hey Stackers, I hope this is the right place to put this issue. I am ... Software & Theme Development forum

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    WSDL and URL confusion


    Hey Stackers,

    I hope this is the right place to put this issue.

    I am a BES and MDS Studio newbie - also new to web services. I am working with BES 4.1.2 and the BB 7520. The current stumbling block in my learining curve is the details of the WSDL-Web service connection, mainly with URI's, URL's and URN's.

    I am trying to develop an app that accesses a test web service called "Hello World" (how original - I'm not sure where it came from) using bottom-up approach. It simply returns the string (you guessed it) "Hello World".

    Here is my laundry list of questions:

    WSDL Generation
    1. What goes in the Target Namespace - the URL to the web service or something else?

    2.Service Port Address Location - what's this?

    3.WSDL Save File location - what's the best place for this?

    Other questions
    4. In the project properties there is a URI with a default value. What purpose does this serve and, if important, what should it be?

    5. When attempting to use the QuickStart or Top-Down approach, the first item requested is a WSDL URL. I assume this means a WSDL exists. How is one generated outside of MDS Studio - I only know the WSDL generation wizard.

    Thanks for any help!

    Wallowing in cluelessness,


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