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Hey there fellow stackers. With all the great help and assistance I have received from ... Software & Theme Development forum

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    Tutorial: How to customize ALL folders icons in a theme


    Hey there fellow stackers. With all the great help and assistance I have received from you guys, it’s more than overdo for me to give my miniscule contribution back. Bear with me though, as this is my first time attempting a tutorial. If there is an better way to do this, TAKE IT EASY, I am proud of what I figured out all on my own (lol).

    On to business…

    This tutorial will show you how to customize all of the folders in your themes (application, downloads, games, and setup are the default folders everyone starts with, of course you can create as many extra folders as you want). You may be thinking to yourself, this can be easily done in themebuilder, but that is not so. Theme builder actually only gives you the option to change the look of ONE default folder and the up folder that goes with it.

    Now you could just give that one folder themebuilder allows you to style a fancy look and then give that look to all of your folders, but what if you want to give EACH folder it’s OWN design, just like the default theme has a different look for the download folder, application folder, and games folder.

    If you haven’t realized it by now, this tutorial is mainly for people who are customizing all of the icons in their theme, and therefore want to follow suit with any folders they may create.

    Let’s get started…

    1. First you will need to create your theme, and all of your icons. Go ahead and design all of the folder icons you plan to use as well (place the extra folder icons you have created somewhere on your media card or bb drive that is easily accessible).

    2. Download and install a file manager program that allows you to view the hidden files on your bb. I will be using bbfile scout (which I suggest you use as well). It’s donationware, so please make a donation. You can find it here

    3. Go ahead and install the new theme you have created onto your bb.

    4. Run bbfile scout

    5. Go to the folder where you stored the extra folder icons you have created, find one of the icons and press the menu button, then scroll down till you see the option to “store” the file and press the trackball.

    6. Now go back to the main screen of bbfile scout and go to the system/samples/folder icons

    7. Now hit the menu button and scroll down till you see “move ‘(the name of your file)’ to folder

    8. Press the trackball

    9. Repeat steps 5-8 for each folder icon you have created

    10. Exit bbfile scout and return to your theme’s application screen

    11. Find the folders you want to change, or create them.

    12. With the folder of choice highlighted, press the menu button and select edit folder.

    13. Scroll through the list of folders until you find the ones you created and select them

    14. Repeat steps 12 and 13 for all the folders you want to change

    THAT’S IT, YOU’VE DONE IT. Take a step back and look at your cool, fully customized, theme

    Screenshot from my Buuf9000 theme (I haven’t posted this one yet)

    hope this was easy to understand, let me know if i've made any mistakes
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    interesting info

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    ask me
    sweet info thanks
    When i say i have Bold family phones, I meant it, from the older to the younger, even the unborn ;)

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    Just a word of warning before you go resizing a bunch o' folder icons (like I did). Apparently some models of BB wont give BBFilescout permission to modify the samples file, so this won't work on some phones, including the VZW8230. There is a forum post about it on the BBFilescout website as well.

    If anyone knows of a workaround, please let me know!

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    Question Error Message for blocked Icon Folder

    I get an error message while trying to move or copy the PNG files to the Folder Icon Dir: store/samples/folder icons/. The Error States: " [File not found]"
    I'm guessing the Icon folder is protected, is there a way to unlock it?
    If anyone knows how please help.
    Thank you,

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    I have heard some people say that this trick is a hack that will only work on a Bold. All I have is a Bold, so I have never tried doing this on another device. Also, I created this tutorial before OS 5.0 and I belive that RIM has put a block on the system folder with OS 5.0

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