OK, so you have a theme that's just about done but the battery meter icon doesn't display correctly while charging (no lightening bolt), at least not on the home screen where it counts.

This was something that drove me crazy and while I know there are a lot of theme developers who know the in's and out's of Theme Builder 6 (TB6), many are hesitant to share their secrets when it comes to things like this.

That being said, this is the only way I have figured out how to get the lightening bolt to appear on the home screen and while it doesn't flash as it is supposed to, I feel its better to have it not flashing than not have it all.

So here is my quick fix...

Open your theme in TB6 and navigate to the banners. Click the application banner and then the battery meter in the Indicators section of the Inspector. A pop up window will appear. Navigate to the sample images as follows;

Computer> Program Files (x86)> Research In Motion> Blackberry Theme Studio 6.0> samples> Themes> Images> Blackberry6_*dimensions for device you're working with*> banner>...

There you will see two battery meters. Select the smaller of the two as this is for the Application banner.

This was all I had to do to get the battery meter to show the lightening bolt on the home screen while charging. It still doesn't flash anywhere other than the screens that show the app banner, but again, I think its better to have it not flashing than not have it at all

Hope this helps!