This may be something that is widely known with fellow theme devs, however, as a newbie it was not something I knew nor was it something I could find in any my searches. So hopefully this will help someone else and save them a lot of time

A couple of weeks ago I started developing themes for the 96xx series OS6. So for me, making the change from Theme Builder 5 (TB5) to TB6 was a huge change and not one I welcomed as TB6 (imho) seems to be riddled with "unspoken" bugs.

When I finally attempted to customize a Blackberry6 theme rather than making a full custom theme, I discovered that after resetting my device, all the media icons in the media dock would disappear. So I asked around to see if anyone else was having this issue. Finally I found one person that asked me, "Did you use a web link?". As a matter of fact, I did as this was something I was getting into the habit of doing with TB5 while making 85xx series OS5 themes.

So I deleted the web link and started to test it again. Theme worked perfectly on install, however, after a device reset the media dock icons disappeared again.

At that point I decided to perform my own diagnostic test by customizing each section within the TB6 inspector panel, saving and immediately testing on my device. After trying this out quite a few times I discovered that the disappearing media icons was in fact due to the web link I inserted in the theme. What the fellow theme dev didn't tell me was that deleting the web link wasn't good enough as this apparently removes it from the theme, but leaves fragments of it in the file. So the link itself may be gone, but the bug isn't. The only way to fix it is to start over from scratch.

I started the theme from scratch using all the same icons etc and made sure not to add my web link this time. After getting it all put back together I started testing and it worked great. Performed the dreaded device reset and the media icons were still in their rightful spot on the media dock. Problem solved

I also tested this with a full custom theme and while it does not have the media dock like the Blackberry6 theme does, it will still cause the same issue if the users device has a Blackberry6 theme on it. Once they switch to the Blackberry6 theme their media dock will be empty and the only way to get the icons back in their place on the media dock is to reset the theme completely, primarily the icon arrangement. For someone like me, who keeps their icons organized into folders, this is a huge headache.

Hope this helps!