I've not been developing for the 96xx OS6 series long, however, one of the first things I learned was that ANY customizations to the Search Field (TB6 Controls section) will render the Universal Search more or less useless as the icons become invisible due to a bug with TB6. So I thought I would share this little tidbit of information, which I stumbled upon purely by accident while converting one of my themes.

Here's how I customize the Search Field without rendering it useless...

1. Open TB6, start a new theme for whichever device you plan to build for, customize ONLY the search field to match the color of the theme you will be working on and then save it. I also suggest making a separate folder to store these "search themes" in for later use.

2. Open your existing theme or a new one, and import the saved theme you just made with only the search area customized. You can then proceed as you normally would as the search area will now match the rest of your theme without rendering the Universal Search useless

I have not tested this on all devices, however, I have used this method for 93xx OS6 (9300 & 9330) & 96xx OS6 devices (9650, 9700 & 9780) and have not had any problems.

Hope this helps!