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    Lightbulb [TIP] Aligning banner items for clickable meters


    As a newbie theme developer I only started attempting clickable meters a week or so ago, but was having a hard time getting the banner items in Theme Builder 5.0 to align with their corresponding images in Composer. Wanting them as perfectly aligned as possible took numerous trips between the two programs because I didn't know of an easier way.
    Here is my method and it has made life, at least for me, a lot easier.

    First.... Open Theme Builder (I use TB5), start a new theme or open an existing theme. Align your home screen banner items where you want them to be in the final product. Now open the theme in the appropriate simulator and take a screenshot using F3 (this will capture the sim screen only to the exact dimensions).

    Second... Open Composer, start a new file or open an existing file and import the sim screenshot. Using the sim screenshot as the background, align your clickable meter images to their corresponding items on the banner. Once they're aligned to your specifications you can delete the sim screenshot and proceed to convert the clickable meter images to buttons, set their transparency etc.

    Everyone has their own method, however, I hope this will help others who are just starting out as I am. But if someone has an even easier method, please do share. Thanks!
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