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I've been playing around with folders in theme builder. I have created two folders in ... Software & Theme Development forum

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    Theme Builder Folder Help


    I've been playing around with folders in theme builder. I have created two folders in a Zen theme-Programs and System Tools, pretty basic. Moved the apps so that the fall under the respective folds in the application heirachy screen in theme builder. Trouble is not all apps move. Example: Brick breaker shows under the folder in theme builder but on the device it is not. I cannot move icons to folders on the device, it just skips over the folder when I try to move it to the folder.


    devive 8703e verizon 4.2.103

    Current version of theme builder

    Same results in all three theme type zen, icon, and today.

    Ant help is appreciated.

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    Font Size

    Hi there,
    I hope that you get this post / reply.
    I do not know how els to contact you?

    My question is in regards to one of your themes ( WinIphone), the question I have is:

    I just downloaded your WinIPhone them and I love it, however the font size is so small that I cannot read anything ( 50 year old man is have way blinf, ha, ha.). I downloaded the Theme Builder and tried to load the theme into Theme Builder. So that I can change the phone size, however Theme Builder does not recognize the file extention ( not showing up in Theme Builder ).

    Any Ideas on how I can edit the font size or what I need to do?
    I thank you in advance for your help and look forward on hearing from you.
    Fred Muchmore

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    You can change some font sizes in Options - Screen/Keyboard - Font Size...


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