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is there a way to reverse engineer a theme? i liek the zen theme but ... Software & Theme Development forum

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    theeme creation


    is there a way to reverse engineer a theme? i liek the zen theme but want to alter it to my likeing?
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    Re: theeme creation

    Not completely sure, but I don't think so. I have tried on a few themes, but it seems like you need to have the file before it gets converted in raw format in order to do that. Atleast, if there IS a way to do it, I haven't figured it out yet.

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    Re: theeme creation

    not at this time. You have to have the .thm file of a theme in order to load it into Plazmic to modify it. However carrier themes and RIM themes like ZEN do not have a .thm file to speak of as per they were not created in Plazmic to begin with. That is why things like battery and signal meter look different in Zen, and individual carrier themes than in any theme created on Plazmic. They werent made in Plazmic, and any theme that is made in Plazmic has to have some things in common. In other words some traits of the theme are rigid in Plazmic and cannot be changed - like the hourglass image while it is thinking or the layout of the banner aside from colors, etc... On the other hand it is the only way to create home brewed themes and thus the tradeoff is worth it.
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