Hi, i am new to this. Just got my pearl this week and am trying to theme it.

I have done this with a lot of different phones, so i think i am making good progress. Figured out the Plazmic theme builder pretty well and things are going well.

No on to my issue. I have greated a SVG in composer that will hide the icons from a custom theme so i can save space on the screen. There are 2 issues i am having that i can't seem to find any way around.

1) i can't set the navigation order properly. It seems the SVG file HAS to be above the today screen items, i would like it below if possible.

2) i though that maybe i would put it above and just have it overlay the existing today screen object. Add a peice of that background and line it up, so the today screen item disapears when the icons show up, but it seems the SVG is underlay always.

So is there a way to change either of these? either make the icons above the today screen or to make the scroll order so it work correctly at the bottom?

I have seen themes that seem to imply the bottom scroll, but i can't find out how to change this.

Thanks a bunch,