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Ok, I hope one of the expert Themers (is that even a word?) out here ... Software & Theme Development forum

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    Smaller "Today Messages" area but messages are still spilling out


    Ok, I hope one of the expert Themers (is that even a word?) out here can help me with a n00b question regarding Plazmic usage.

    So I am creating this U + Messages theme and I was able to resize and limit the Messages today area by shrinking the Caret.png to around 270 pixels and then rezising the Messages area to fit the inside of the "U" (see attachment).

    The theme looks great on the Bold as well as the simlulator.... But...

    As soon as I get a few incoming Messages it is apperant that something is wrong. Even though the Messages (green area) is limited to be inside the "U" when new messages arrive their subject line "spills" outside of the green area (to the right) and actually overlaps with the right-top icons (where the Camera and Media icons are in this screenshot).

    What am I doing wrong/missing?

    I saw a few themes out there were people were able to limit the Calendar/Messages to take 1/2 of the screen width, so I really hope this is possible.

    BTW: I am using Plazmic 4.6 and attempting to create this for the Blackberry Bold.

    Any idea(s)?

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    Saddly, as far as I know, no one's found a solution for this issue...

    (Maybe some of the SVG experts know.. But I haven't seen any info on it.. )

    Hopefully someone will come along and prove me wrong! lol

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