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I need some help on this one. I am a newbie Admin for a BES ... Software & Theme Development forum

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    Sending a theme to users on BES???


    I need some help on this one. I am a newbie Admin for a BES server of a parent company with several entities under it. Two seperate questions:

    1. I started to design some custom themes for these venues and we have decided that the themes will be manditory to have for our users.

    Once I finalise them I need to get them on all phones. I would like to push them to the users via the BES. And there is my question: how do I send specific users a theme from the BES and force it onto the handhelds? I would imagine it would have some baring with the IT Policy.

    2. I need to block the ability of some users to have voice capability. Data Only. Any guidance, again I'm thinking IT Policy.

    Thanks in advance everyone! CP

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    Re: Sending a theme to users on BES???

    1) There is no way to push a theme to the handhelds at the current time. I believe it is supposed to be a feature in a future BES version.

    2) Yes, there is a policy that restricts outbound phone calls. See THIS link for more details.

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    Re: Sending a theme to users on BES???

    If you know how to create a program based theme you can download it to the handhelds just as you would with any software or program push to a handheld. For instance, you can send a .ALX and .COD file to a handheld the instruct the user base to select the custom theme. The other thing you can do is remove all but one base theme from the devices and have your custom theme as option two-- just don't remove any of the themes until you have your custom theme loaded and active. But, yes, it is not like a Windows push policy and not available inherently on the BES. Common desktop push in Windows, that defines a common/custom look and feel... (it would be nice though to have it to work similarily on the BES).
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