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    resized icons and resized activation boxes prob


    Quick question about resized icons and composer. Because of the nature of the graphics I want to use for the docks in my theme, I need to resize the activation box, for the user defined app buttons and the bb app buttons. But I also need to use smaller icons as well.

    I've successfully resized the icons following the batch automate tut here on pinstack, all icons are resized down but still on 73x73 transparencies. The problem comes in when I try to combine the smaller icons with the smaller activation boxes of the theme buttons. I need to resize the activation box areas so they don't overlap so much.

    Two things is for the bottom dock. When I change the bitmaps for the normal and focus states and go back to scene mode, the icons seem to jump a lil up into the top left corner. And not sure why this happens or what I should do to get around this. Other than that, the icons look fine along the bottom, but then they seem to jump further toward the bottom right in simulator, and not appearing "over" the appropriate graphic of the dock.

    The second thing is that this same process, for the side dock, makes the icons look like they've been incorrectly resized, but only on the side dock. What I had done is keep the same bitmaps for the side dock but replaced all icons in themebuilder. Do I also need to change the bitmaps in composer for the side dock as well as themebuilder?

    Sorry that was a lil longer than I thought it would be. Would really appreciate some help with this though as its driving me nuts atm.

    Btw Holster, just in case you read this here, sent you a message as well. Hope you don't mind....again.

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    Ok, I think I know why the first part of the first question is happening, when you have two different size icons for normal and focus in composer, what it does normally that instead of aligning the two in the center of each, composer aligns them to their top right corners, hence the reason for the icon to be "jumping" a little bit. The second part about the side dock, I am not sure, would probably have to see it first hand to understand the problem you are having.

    And, unfortunately, I didn't get your message about this, I don't think. let me know.

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    Hey Holster,

    No probs on the message. I just assumed you were busy or ignoring me. :d lol

    Regards the first part and the jumping prob with the bottom dock, the normal and focus state bitmaps were exactly the same size. It only occurred when I tried resizing the "activation" box before converting it to a user defined app button. When I left the original theme button alone (size wise I mean) and converted it straight to a user defined app button, then changed the bitmaps using my resized icons, it was fine.

    Unfortunately, this meant I had to redesign my bottom dock a lil until I find out how to get around this issue.

    Regarding the side dock, yeah I'm still not sure why this was happening. I've also redesigned the side dock a lil to remove the need of having to resize. Will have to test again, maybe try resizing the box, using normal sized buttons (but with slightly different names) then replacing all icons in theme builder....but I think this will just go ahead and repeat the problem as the icons I replace will then also be used again in the side dock, bringing the same prob back. Dunno

    Will send a message anyways

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