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    Question on Lock Screen App


    Hi guys,

    I have two questions, one about finding a program, another about how to make it if said program doesn't exist.

    On the 8100 the lock screen allows you to call 911 (Emergency Number) even if the keys are locked. Considering that I plan to keep the phone in my pocket all the time, I don't like the idea of randomly calling 911. So, my first question is, is there an app out there that locks that screen so that it won't call 911 no matter what buttons you press?

    Secondly, if such an app doesn't exist, what kind of Screen Object (net.rim.device.api.ui.Screen) would I want to create so as to have a transparent screen that shows the main home screen of the phone. I figured I could write a simple Java app that waits for the key combination *-Green Phone and then quits, but intercepts all other key presses (including the trackball and red phone). I'd probably also have to quit the program when I receive a phone call, and perhaps do something on message receives. Darn, this may be more complicated than I thought

    Any help would be appreciated,


    Edit: Thanks anyway, I found out that the mute button on top will do what I wanted.
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