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First of all, thank you for all your hard work. I have downloaded many high ... Software & Theme Development forum

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    Possible to edit Today Plus theme?


    First of all, thank you for all your hard work. I have downloaded many high quality thems from this site, and thoroughly enjoy the positive feedback and support given by the almost 300,000 members. In the end I have gone back to the RIM Today Plus theme available from

    There is a dearth of Today screen themes, and all of them contain the pointless (in my opinion) Call Log section, which just takes up valuable screen real estate. If you just simply press send you can see your missed calls, and if that wasn't enough, you may also have missed calls show up in your Messages Folder.

    That being said, do you know if it is possible to completely eliminate this from the themes? Ideally I would like to have an expanded messages or calendar section, as you can only see the first 15 letters or so anyway.

    Is it possible to edit the Today Plus theme? That is the ideal theme for me because it contains both elements from Zen and Today themes..

    Can anyone create a Today theme without the call log? I've looked all over and have yet to find this, but have run into others who would also like this.. I would pay for it, but no website has what i'm looking for! If you have to make it for me, i would happily PayPal you $5, that is consistant with what websites are asking..

    Regardless, thank you very much for your time and thoughts!

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    Re: Possible to edit Today Plus theme?

    wegmans, let's try and keep your questions/concerns in one place please.

    in answer to your questions in both places:

    the today plus theme, at this point, cannot be altered (unless you know someone with the new plazmic beta floating around in which the today plus theme CAN be altered and changed). with that being said, you can, however, download plazmic content developers kit ( version 4.2.2 and make your own themes, taking out the call log and placing whatever you want in that screen. you CANNOT, however, add lines to the messages category. it defaults to two lines.

    people who are heavy text'ers will want their email messages and sms/mms separated...
    people who use the bb as a phone more than a data device will want the call log...
    people who use the media function a lot will want media to appear on the home screen...

    its impossible to make every single person happy. hence, the reason that rim put what they put on the homescreen. its generic and will work for 'most' people. yes, i agree, having the call log on the home screen is redundant, but i STILL have people who request custom themes specifically ask for that, even after i try to talk them out of it.

    also look at this thread:

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    Re: Possible to edit Today Plus theme?

    Thank you for your comment.

    I miss how easy it was to create homescreens for Windows Mobile!

    I guess I will have to wait for future themes to be developed! In the meantime, the Today Pluse theme will have to suffice...

    Thanks again!

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