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    Question Plazmic Theme Building Issue


    I'm working on building my very first theme and am just about finished except I don't know how to "fix" or correct a problem I'm having with the icons page. For some reason when I click on my application button (which shows the screen with all of the icons for other applications) I'm only getting half of the background picture that I assigned for that screen and at the top half of the screen I'm seeing the "mask" or home page screen. What am I doing wrong? It's really driving me nuts! All of my other screens work fine, it's just that one screen that's giving me issues. Thanks in advance for your help with this!!

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    your sure it is sized correctly and all of that?
    if you can would you post a screen shot?
    I would say first check your image size and make sure it's not to small or something. Although, plazmic should stretch it out for you if it was to small...
    maybe try changing the image to something else, save the file close out of theme builder and the open theme builder back up and then re-load the image you want in there... it sounds to me like plazmic is glitching on you.
    is this happening in theme builder itself? or on your phone after you export?
    if it is happening on your phone after you export how does it show up in theme builder?
    let me know what happens
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