Hi everyone...I've done a lot of reading and can't seem to find an aswer.

I'm writing a very simple app to run on my Pearl and it uses checkboxes. Basically, all I need is the value of the total number of checkboxes that are in the ON or TRUE state. There are 4 of these and I need to populate an INT variable and of course we cannot add boolean values.

The other part of my question is how do I use listners to check when they change values? I've done a lot of research on the web and especially the BB developer forum and can't seem to find a good tutorial even on baiscs like using a listner. And yes, I have been through all the links provided even in these forums.

Anyway, your help is much appreciated.

Thanks a bunch...

P.S. The app is for my weekly golf foursome where we have a complicated wager. At the end of the round, we calculate all the winnings by hand which include skins, par 3's, and various other permutations! This is prone to errors and having this little app would help a lot. As a thanks for your help, I will make it available here for free.