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    Question Need help with clickable meters PLEASE


    I made a theme last week that had clickable meters and it worked fine. Gave me a few problems, but in the end I got them worked out. This week I thought I would try it on another theme and its giving me nothing but problems and I can't seem to fix them.

    It worked at first, but then after adjusting the button size a few times, half of them just quit showing on focus. After trying and trying to get them to work again, I gave up and started all over from scratch. Now I can only get one of the three to show on focus.

    So the buttons are there, the labels show up when I hover over them on the simulator, the focus just doesn't show and I can't understand why when all three were setup exactly the same.

    Any ideas as to where I can start looking to solve this problem because its driving me completely mad?!?

    Thanks in advance to those who reply!

    Also, if I go to Theme Builder and start a new theme to test this, the svg works perfectly. It seems to be on the theme its intended for only that it won't work
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