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    Need Composer Help: Multiple home screens?


    I have this idea for a theme using multiple home screens, but I need some help with the technical aspects of it.

    I'm thinking 3 panels. The Right Panel is composed of 12 icons. The Center Panel is a few icons, weather, and today elements. The Left Panel is a Messages/Calendar Today Panel.

    If anyone has any thoughts, I'd be interested to hear them.

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    It would have to be composed of two different layers, each having a background/home mask. Now if you've ever seen 9of13's hidden dock tut, it could use that to create the sliding from sides. Then put your today icons on your homescreen in theme builder. The only thing is how to put today icons in composer. I guess you could put text and the picture of the icon in composer and group them then convert to button. Just a tip to start also in theme builder create an application icon as your hub and right focuses in the right layer, same for the left then up to the today icons. Hope it helps
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