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hi i am having the same problem.I am not able to connect to web from ... Software & Theme Development forum

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    Re: MDS related problem


    i am having the same problem.I am not able to connect to web from bb simulator.I am usiong 8100 simulator.I am getiing connection not found error.Please help me to make conection established.

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    Re: MDS related problem

    hi everyone
    i have a simulator that just refuses to connect to the internet, i have mds and i have the latest JDE version... please help me out! I have tried everything i know of and still failed :cry:

    thanks in advance.

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    Re: MDS related problem

    Quote Originally Posted by Kortez
    I need alot of help i have the blackberry 7510 but the mds simulator doesnt work, the window just opens and closes. ive been working on
    a solution for this problem for ah cuple of days but i can find out how to work it im very fustrated if thiers anybody that knows how to fix this can you help me please i would appreciate it.
    Hi, I'm probably a little late for you on this one, but for any others searching and finding this thread, I had the same problem:
    - the MDS simulator was launching a console window and closing almost immediately.
    - when attempting to establish an internet connection from the device simulator it returned "unable to connect to the selected mobile data service please try again later"

    I tracked down what the MDS batch file was actually doing and managed to determine that the problem was the value of my JAVA_HOME environment variable. Although I had jdk1.5 installed on my machine which the latest blackberry tools require, my JAVA_HOME variable was still pointing at my j2sdk1.4.1 installation which I was using for other apps. The batch file is written to use the JAVA_HOME variable if it is defined, otherwise it uses the JRE defined by your windows PATH settings; therefore if your JAVA_HOME variable points to an incompatible java version then the batch file just ends and the console window closes without keeping any output showing to indicate the cause of failure.

    I updated JAVA_HOME to my jdk1.5 location and MDS now runs fine and stays open, and I am able to make internet connections from within the blackberry device simulators as expected.

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    Question Re: MDS related problem

    I deleted the Desktop IPPP Service Book, swapped the browser from Internet to blackberry in the default view of the browser.

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