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Glad that is taken care of. Rcbjr.... Software & Theme Development forum

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    Glad that is taken care of.

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    Re: JVM Error 102 on BB7290

    Hi all! New member and poster here.
    Question: Does this fix still apply if I have a BES server on site?

    I support a dozen 7100's and about 2 dozen 7520 BB's. We have only had one (month old) 7100 get this error and we have brought it in to get it serviced/replaced at a Nextel store. But I understand that is because RIM has gotten SO MANY of these that they cancelled the swap out for this and are having this error verified at the Nextel stores before return to them. So if I have more users that get this, I may just try this fix. I just want to be sure I can do it on a device that is not just a stand-alone personal BB.


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    Re: JVM Error 102 on BB7290

    Quote Originally Posted by gman8691
    Man am I glad I found this forum. Got the stupid jvm error 102 a month ago and had my unit sent back to blackberry. They returned it to me still broken and said I had to go to the Nextel corporate store to have it fixed as it was a software issue and not hardware (as if that matters!) and sice I no longer trust Nextel to do anything right I decided to try and fix it myself. Anyway, the fix worked flawlessly, except I had to leave the battery in as the unit would not initialize during the re-install with the battery out. Thanks a bunch you pinstackers! BTW I used this fix on the 7100i.
    hi please let me know what did you do to fix it i just came back from TELCEL AND they said the same they dont have the software to my device BB 7100g. So please if you can help me telling me staps by step thank you

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    New:JVM Error 102 on BB8310

    i have been using BB for over 3yrs now . i got the new 8310 recemty and after 2 months am getting the jvm102 error.

    i think reinstalling the rim os solves this problem. can any let me know how to do this.

    i downloaded this file 8300M_PBr4.2.2_rel301_PL2.4.0.73_A4.2.2.166_AT&T.exe to my laptop and installed it there. how does this reinstall the OS? what am i missing here?

    please help, my BB has not been working for 2 days now

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