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hey guys i don't know if you seen the new theme from bell?it is so ... Software & Theme Development forum

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    is there a way?


    hey guys i don't know if you seen the new theme from bell?it is so cool .
    is there a way to do a them like that?the clock on the left ...

    is there like a flex editor for blackberry?

    here are some that i made but wish i could do like the bell theme

    oldies that i have done and my new ones or comming soon. (and more in it)

    here is a site with some to

    more newer ones

    here i s the theme of bell.

    i wounder if we could get the file so it could be edited?

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    Re: is there a way?

    thanks for sharing

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    Re: is there a way?

    there are a few icons on there i dont recognize... any idea what they are? looks like a picture of 2 phones connected to eachother right above network and the dot that looks liek it is pulsateing between the 2 phone icons and the Bluetooth icon.. and lastly the ones to the right of the Bluetooth icon that looks liek a left and right arrow?
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    Re: is there a way?

    Not sure what the first icon is, but it looks like Nextel's Direct Connect Push To Talk feature. The pulsating icon in between the 2 phones and the PTT feature looks like another volume icon. That last icon means Bluetooth is on and is discoverable.

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