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    is a 3-D theme possible on a pearl?


    Instead of the standard 16 x 16 2-D grid when you go to the menu, has someone made, or can someone make a "3-D theme?"
    by that, I mean when you go to your menu, instead of 'cursor' moving from 1 application to the other, the application will move toward you and away from you in a circular motion.
    example, lets say you click on the menu, and you highlight the 'call log' applicaiton. The call log application will be in the foreground, and the other applications will be in the background. If you want to move to 'games,' you scroll to "games," and everything else will be in the background, and games will be in the foreground. Kind of a 3-D effect that gives you more depth and perception.
    Imagine you are looking at the front of a car and you look at the tire. each appliction is around the tire. now if teh tire spins, the various applications will rotate near you, away from you, near you, away from you.
    Is this possible on a Pearl?
    I've seen other phones do that, so I was wondering if that type of theme is possible.

    I dont know the right word to describe it, but maybe 'animated 3d themes?"
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    Re: is a 3-D theme possible on a pearl?

    hmm...imagery can be 3D, but the technical/mechanical side of it can't do what you are asking...the plazmic theme builder used to build the themes has too many limitations to accomplish what you are asking

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