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Post any image you want here, let one of us change it to the right ... Software & Theme Development forum

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    Re: Image too large?


    Post any image you want here, let one of us change it to the right settings, if it is already not, and see if that works.

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    Re: Image too large?

    I've gotten some of the themes that I wanted made, but I still struggle with pics. I have some of them down to 10kb, but it's still rejected. When making themes, how do you crop images and and cut out parts of the image I don't want and such in photoshop, I just got the program yesterday and I'm still more than a little lost

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    Re: Image too large?

    One thing I do is resize the image to 320 x 240 and a resolution of 160 Pixels per inch. Then when saving I use Photoshops File/Save for Web and then set the PNG option. I make sure the image file will be about 56K. Some images have to be saved as PNG 8 and use the custom button to limit the file size.

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