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when creating and animated file to use for your blackberry you can either drag and ... Software & Theme Development forum

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    when creating and animated file to use for your blackberry you can either drag and drop the movie file you wanted into the composer. and it will automatically transfer the movie file into a readable and very user friendly svg file.
    1 open the composer and open a new file
    2 drag and drop your movie or animation file into the conposer screen
    a new window will open and give you a frame by frame preview of the animation
    in that window you can select where to start and stop the animation
    ounce you do that the animation opens up into the composer screen where you can resize it and export it has a SVG file ready to use for your themes
    . keep in mind that a large animation will slowdown your blackberry

    if you want to create your own animation you can use the camera mode in the composer and select each frame one by one has you carefully advance.
    to do so drag and drop your 1 image and center it on the frame next select the camera and move the slider that marks the should be right next to the time selection. so has you move the slider it will determine how long the picture stays add another image and move the slider.repeat process untill your animation is complete and play the movie
    now you need to export the animation.
    open the file tab and select export has animated gif. it will create your animation in a gif format. next you can open the gif file you just created again in composer and export it this time has a svg file

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    thanks davidcle!
    great info I'll be bookmarking this tutorial!
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