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    How To: Make ZEN icons for BlackBerry using GIMP


    ** the GIMP application can be downloaded for free at **

    The key to making ZEN icons is to have a transparent background FIRST. You must create this and then cut/paste your layers onto the transparent background
    STEP 1: Creating transparent background:
    • Click file/new
    • Set image size to 48x36
    • Change Fill with: to transparency
    • Click OK

    This is what your transparent background should look like

    STEP 2: Resizing original icon and placing it on transparent background
    • Open image file in gimp
    • Click image and choose scale
    • Resize the image
    I find that 30x30 is the best size to make the icons look good on the ZEN screen and not actually touch or overlap.

    This is my original icon. It was 156x156

    This is what your icon will look like after resizing

    STEP 3: copy/paste icon onto transparent background
    • Click edit and choose copy from the original resized icon
    • Flip back to transparent image window and click edit and choose paste

    STEP 4: Anchoring the layers
    • Click the ‘select rectangle regions’ (rectangle in left corner
    • Flip back to new ZEN icon and click the window to lock the layers (anywhere in the window will work)

    This is what your finished ZEN icon will look like
    Once you have locked the layers, click file and save as a .png file

    After you have finished the first one, you can just repeat the process over at Step 2.

    One ‘shortcut’ that I have found is once you have saved the ZEN icon, just go back to it and click edit and undo until you are back to the transparent image again and copy/paste new icon over

    Here are screen shots from a ZEN theme done right and a ZEN theme done wrong

    A: I took the icon image above and resized it to 48x36
    B: I used the ZEN icon that we just created

    A: B:

    If you have any question, please feel free to PM me here
    Happy Theme-ing everyone
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