Hi, I am new to pinstack so i do not know much about how everything works. I saw all of the themes and decided to make my own (took me quite a while to make it perfect). And I read how it had to be a .alx file in order to work. While exporting it I recieved this error message and was wondering what I should do.

"Error: Stopping Export. Unable to write the theme to the specified output location. Please check the permissions and path specified.
Fatal Internal error: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
Error: File com_plazmic_theme_Gears.cod cannot be created. (-1)

Warning: The unread icons (14 pixels) are taller than the unread font (9 pixels). The unread icon will be trimmed to the height of the unread font.
Warning: Banner Battery Meter: The battery meter height is larger than the default height (36 pixels). On applications with a thin banner, the battery meter may display incorrectly.
Warning: Homescreen Font: The font size is too small and may cause the font to display differently on the device."

Thanks for any help and hopefully I posted this in the right forum. Another question would be how would I make this into a .zip file so I could share it to everyone. BTW I am planning to get a 8110 Pearl so if that is more specific. Thanks again