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Hello all. I fellow theme developer emailed me and asked me this question, "How do ... Software & Theme Development forum

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    Help with creating a pop up dock/menu


    Hello all.

    I fellow theme developer emailed me and asked me this question, "How do I create a pop up menu style dock in composer, without using a "sliding type of dock?" I tried to answer the question as best as I could since I haven't used a pop-up style dock before. This has gotten me a little curious as well. Curious enough to spend 4 hours on it this morning trying to figure it out. Below are the steps I took in trying to resolve my curiosity.

    1. Create a button in Plazmic Composer.
    2. Click the "interactivity Menu" and go to "Actions"
    3. Click the "load scene" button.
    4. Highlight the load scene in the action window below.
    5. From the load scene field, enter the url of the file. (svg, pmb, pme..etc)
    6. Once okay.
    7. Export and test.

    Any how, I know about creating buttons to load "scenes" in composer, but once I export theme, they never work. I just have that lonely test icon sitting on the simulator screen and it does nothing. So I believe I'm missing a step in composer during the process, or I have to do more editing of the actual svg file. Not sure.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    You should be able to create a "pop-up" (non-sliding) buttons dock the same way you create the sliding hidden dock. However, instead of adding code lines for each button like like these:

    <animateTransform xlink:href="#Buttons" id="_anim_l1" attributename="transform"
            type="translate" to="-240,-81" dur="0.5s" fill="freeze"
            begin="Theme_Button_1.focusin" />
    <animateTransform xlink:href="#Buttons" id="_anim_d1" attributename="transform"
            type="translate" to="0,0" dur="0.5s" fill="freeze" 
            begin="Theme_Button_1.focusout" />
    you add lines like these:

    <animate xlink:href="#Buttons" id="_anim_fo1" attributeName="visibility"
             values="hidden;hidden" keyTimes="0;1" dur="0.45s" fill="freeze"
             begin="Theme_Button_1.focusout" />
    <animate xlink:href="#Buttons" id="_anim_fi1" attributeName="visibility"
             values="visible;visible" keyTimes="0;1" dur="0.45s" fill="freeze" 
             begin="Theme_Button_1.focusin" />
    This means you animate the layer visibility instead of its position. I am only speculating, I have not tried this.

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