I am working on a custom theme for the Bold and have a question regarding email inboxes. I created some icons and arranged them the way I want in Plazmic Composer. I would like to display two email inboxes (from 2 different BIS accounts) on my homescreen. So I put 2 mail icons in the Composer project and set them both to launch "Default Inbox" on activation. I added the SVG file to Theme Builder, but after installing the theme on my Blackberry, neither mail button goes to an inbox. All of the other buttons I included (i.e. contacts, calendar and SMS) work and launch the proper applications. But the mail buttons do nothing. Again, I am hoping to put 2 email inboxes on my homescreen in a custom theme. Is this possible? Can anyone help with this? I am very new to Plazmic.

Thanks in advance.