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Hello all, I'm new to the Blackberry world. I recently aquired an 8830 & am ... Software & Theme Development forum

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    Question Customizing the 8830


    Hello all,

    I'm new to the Blackberry world. I recently aquired an 8830 & am thourally enjoying the use of the device. The only thing that frustrates me this far is the visual customization of it. I've installed a few different themes that are absolutely fabulous but the default backgrounds are not ones I would prefer. Obviously changing the main background is simple enough (and I was thrilled when I could zoom into a picture & set it precisely as I desired as the main background) but other screens like the incoming call or the key lock screen I am unable to figure out how to alter. For as much as I have been digging around on the BB itself to change these screens I am left with the conclusion that in order to alter these backgrounds to my desired image I will simply need to learn to edit the themes on my pc.

    I would be extremely greatful if any one could point me in the right direction to a utility that works with the 8830 to edit/create themes. I took a peek at plazmic. I could be wrong but it appears that it is only compatible with devices up to the 8700.

    Any advice would be appreciated!

    I found another link to Plazmic & it has the 4.2.2 version of software, which the 8830 has, so I'll play around a bit with it.
    Still though, any advice & information from those experienced in this I'd be happy to recieve.
    Wish me luck!
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    Re: Customizing the 8830

    You are better off trying to create your own themes to your liking. The themes that you see here on PS, was made by members to share with other members here and as far as altering themes that are made by members it wouldn't be a good idea. Themes take a lot of time to make and with you or anyone who alter themes that are shared and/or bought wouldn't be nice at all unless you have written authorization from the theme maker to alter their theme/s.

    Hope you understand what I was trying to explain, good luck on creating your own. Their is a step by step tutorial written by ozrial on how to create a theme (don't have the link off hand, but search the threads)

    ~via BB (

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    Re: Customizing the 8830

    Welcome to pinstack NightLilly. As you have already figured out to get your personal images on the different screens you will need to create your own theme using the Plazmic Builder, or you need to download another theme made by someone else.

    If you need any help let us know...

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