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    Custom Themes/Wallpaper Hints


    Tired of waiting for a theme that you are wanting to see or requesting?
    Are you like me and have no patience?
    You like the theme you have but wish the wallpaper was different?
    Then do this:
    Find a theme that you like. The important things to look for are the Icons and the incomming/outgoing call screens. Anything else you can pretty much change to your own liking after you install the theme, but those you cannot.
    Download and install the theme onto your BB.
    Find a picture that you like. Such as a picture you may have saved or a picture from such places like digital blasphemy (example).
    Download that picture to your computer.
    With a photo editing program (I use IrfanView) or your paint program, resize the picture to an appropriate size (Varies by BB, but I resize all mine to 640X480 on an 8700).
    Save the image.
    Email the image to your BB Email.
    Save the image on your BB.
    Go to your Pictures on your BB.
    Open the picture and choose "Set as Background Image".
    That should be able to hold you over until the theme you are looking for eventually gets created.

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    Re: Custom Themes/Wallpaper Hints

    I've been doing that, and you're right it helps a lot!

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