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    Crediting Images used for upcoming theme


    I had this theme posted in the wrong place for a bit, but I think this is a better place for this question.
    I was wondering what the proper etiquette for posting BlackBerry themes that use images taken from other sources.

    I made a theme for personal use which uses .png images from several free internet sources. I would like to share the theme with the community to get some feedback, allow others to use it, etc. However, I don't know if I need to credit each icon's source, or if I can basically take credit for just putting the elements together as a coherent theme. I have absolutely no plans to sell the theme, but I don't want an angry image creator coming after me for "stealing" or "redistributing" their work without permission. Any ideas?

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    If you know the source it would be good etiquette to give cedit.
    If you can contact the source and ask for permission, that would a bonus as well.
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