I have been using blackberryZ2me to play some old text adventures on my Blackberry. The program works great as long as the file is a Z-code file in Z3 format. The problem I'm having is that most games are in the Z5 format. I believe when blackberryZ2me was compiled the code on which it was based Zplet ZCode did not support Z5 files, however it now does.

I know of another application (Zeeme) that will play Z5 files on the Blackberry, but it's has some bugs that still need to be worked out.

The source code for blackberryZ2me is located at: http://gpf.dcemu.co.uk/z2me-blackberry.shtml

The source code for Zplet is located at:

I have tried contacting the author of blackberryZ2me, but have not gotten any response. Can someone help me re-compile blackberryZ2me to include the new Z5 code found in Zplet?