Every theme I create I keep coming back to this tutorial and it always helps me out.

I am currently having an issue with my current theme and was wondering what I am doing wrong. I have three seperate hidden layers that each bring up there own hidden dock. These all work fine. I also have added a today background that pops up when the today calendar info pops up, so that users with light colored backgrounds can still see the today section. I have this background coded to come up when the calendar_button is focused in and to disappear when the calendar_button is focused out.
This all works fine, the problem I am having is that when I press one of the other button to bring up the hidden docks, the calendar background disappears but the calendar today text remains overlapping my hidden dock.

Why does this text not disappear when focused out. If i focus on the sound profiles icon the today text will disappear, but not when any of my composer created buttons are focused on.

What can I do to get rid of this problem?