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Hi, I am quite lost when it comes to developing for BB. I program in ... Software & Theme Development forum

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    I am quite lost when it comes to developing for BB. I program in C# which makes Java not something I am too familiar with. I am looking for some help finding out where to start. What exactly do I need to start programming? Also, is there a difference between developing using Eclipse or Visual Studio with blackberry plugin?

    Any information is going to be very helpful!!

    Email or send em a pm if you can help me out!


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    Well from what I saw, C# isn't much different than Java. It's more of a combination of Java and Visual Basic.

    The difference between developing BlackBerry applications using Visual Studio or Eclipse is really preference. If you have any experience using either then you might want to just go with what you are familiar with. Personally I just use the BlackBerry JDE now at version 4.6 or the 4.7 beta.

    Like any language and/or platform that's new, I suggest a Hello World app, an example here

    Once you get accustomed to it, you can get more complex, here's a tutorial on a game that had helped me.

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    I have a review of some guides for development in my blog. There are a series of books for Blackberry development by Anthony Rizk. They are great, very step by step and perfect with those of us with little Java knowledge
    My Blackberry Storm Blog
    More For T Mobile Stormers!

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    I'm new to the forum, and this is my first posting.
    None of the links on this forum seem to work. I was really hoping I might find some help in getting started with developing an application. Are there any other threads where I can get some newby help?

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