Hey guys, I am really getting into making my own themes. I do a lot with graphics as one aspect of my job, so I am fully capable of resizing icons, etc. My problem is TIME... I don't have enough of it!!!

I recently received something advertising a site that was selling blackberry icons. "What a great idea!" I thought.... I could make themes the way I like them without having to put in all the time on icons. The problem is I don't like any of the icon sets they are selling (basically all the same with some color changes). Which leads me, finally, to the point of this...

Does anyone out there have some really cool icons for blackberry (I have an 8120 if it matters) that they would be willing to sell to me? I am offering to pay because I know how much work goes into creating them. As of right now, this is only for my own personal use. Although I have been considering putting some themes on PinStack, just haven't found the time to figure out how. I have all the free sets that I've found in the PinStack download section but I'm looking for fun or unique sets.

So just putting the thought out there... if anyone is interested, feel free to respond here or PM me if you prefer.