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Originally Posted by Smurf2598 lol callin me mr smurf made me feel 75yrs old.. Smurf ... Software & Theme Development forum

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    be kind



    Quote Originally Posted by Smurf2598 View Post
    lol callin me mr smurf made me feel 75yrs old.. Smurf is fine...
    Sorry Smurf, it's a southerner habit. Gotta mind my P's and Q's. Whatever P's and Q's are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasonring View Post
    Awesome, thanks lucifer, that's good news. I like good news.... Btw, not trying to cheeze on your thread, but how's the phone that dangled? I hope every thing worked out with that.
    still working on it...
    my girlfriend got home so I spent some time with her and now I' back at it...
    installing DM 4.3 hoping that this will work for me
    "If you ever lose your keys in a river of molten lava, let 'em go, cus' man, they're gone!!"-Jack Handey

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