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    animated background?


    I have just started playing with composer and I have an idea for an animated home screen. I have christmas lights that i want to flash. I have 4 images of the lights, with the colors progressing across, that would make it look like they were flashing if they were played sequentially in a loop. Is it possible to do this in composer? Basically it would be rotating backgrounds, i think. I also have mad an animated gif of the four images, could that be imported and used in the svg?

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    Ok when you import into composer you will need right click on the Image and make sure you select convert to animation.
    Close to the bottom of the page you will see a little button that has looks like an arrow turning around (loop) make sure that button is depressed.

    also in the lines that signify key times (at the very bottom, in the white field) right click and select add action.

    A new window will open up and you will see about in the middle above the white field a row of options.
    after add action: the first option is animation. select that, and a new "action" will appear in the white field. Click on it and you will see information about this action at the bottom of the new window and you will need to choose "loop" and make sure "forever" is selected.
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