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    Article: Windows Phone 7 Launch Day!!


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    I'm excited about WP7, I think it's going to do much better than any prior Windows Mobile device.
    The designs sure vary which should be good also giving more choice is another benefit.

    The total number of Apps do not matter all that much as long as the important staple Apps are present and ready to go. More will come in time ( maybe). It's going to be hard to compete with iOS and Android Developers time.

    One thing I think Microsft did right was to prevent OS Fragmentation by assuring all devices get the same OS at the same time and it's pushed out by Microsft themselves. It really does help most consumers who know very little about how to upgrade or even why for that matter.

    The specs area little old-ish (Jan 2010) vs cutting edge but I'm sure the stability and battery life had some part in that one along with supply issues.

    Not sure how much room there is for new users? I think this new WP7 will hurt RIM more than anyone else. Guess we will see come June-ish 2011 when some good stats come flying out the investors doors.


    Ps don't use iCab Mobile w/iPad if you want to post on PS it will not work. Had to resort back to Safari


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    I cant wait til i get my hand on one of those WP7.
    Hope anyone could make this their Christmas gift to me
    I heard it looks like Zune's HD interface.

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