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    Article: Why Nokia will Always Be #1 – No Matter What AppleRIMAndroid Do!!


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    i have to agree to that, the ppl on these tech sites would have really no idea how many ppl dont use high end phones an wouldnt know what to do with them if they had one. I think there are only a small percent of ppl that know the difference between gsm an CDMA an don't care all they know is that you can make an receive a call an that's it.

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    Very well written article.
    We "the stackers" "xda-developers' "android phandroids" are the Extremists when it comes to devices - we have to have everything at our fingertips.
    i am thankful for the stackers and other sites with folks for taking the time to show how to replace a trackball, unlock, root, jailbreak, hybrid OS tweak, optimize etc our devices. I know if it weren't for sites like this, id still be using my Nokia 6360!!!
    Keep the great information and articles coming!!!!

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