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    Article: Want a Real, Meaty, Life-Changing New Year Resolution?


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    ... And "illuminated" people still defend "freedom" to do what they like!
    Until it happens to them...
    It's sad ! All gadget communication should stop once you are driving. These gadgets should have a built in program, unalterable, that should activate once it detects movement above a certain speed, like 10 mph...
    And I'm not worried about the ignorant and stupid individual who insists on risking his life... I'm worried about the others these idiots make to suffer and also get killed !
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    Those idiots that text and drive should definitely get shot in the head. I don't pick up the phone at all while driving. If you get a text even if it's an emergency while in your car WTF are you going to do about it? Honestly! You think an emergency is going to be texted to you? NO!! They call you. I feel for the lives of my loved ones because jerks like these don't only kill themselves but they take innocent people's lives with them.

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    It's sad to see things like this and I am guilty of this as well. Sadly enough, there is no way to stop this from happening and it will get worse before it gets better. Drinking and driving is increasing so just imagine texting and driving. I'm glad to see this video has been watched 750,000+ times. I'll have to mass email this out to all my friends. Hopefully this email helps to deter others. I can promise you it has opened my eyes

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