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    Article: Veer from HP coming to O2 Germany in May


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    My problem with this phone (and yes, I understand it's not supposed to be targeted for "power users") is that it's coming on the market already outdated. 5 hr talk time? Come on. Give me a break. Most people think 7 hrs is bad. I guess this is mostly due to the 910 mAh battery. Also, how can you make it non-removable if it's *that* bad?

    Also, 800Mhz processor and 2.3" screen? This sounds like it will be a toy mostly. It's such a shame because I think webOS is truly amazing, but then they just put it on extremely crapy hardware. I remember getting the Palm pre, and returning it after 10 days. It was terrible -- again, hardware -- battery, screen, speed, and speaker/sound quality.

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    I agree. webOS needs a better machine...
    HP is not doing the system any favors. Actually, I think, its prejudicial for a system like webOS to associate it self ( obvioulsly the necessity of US$) to HP. They´re famous for mediocre phones. And this a prime example...
    But, it´s an attractive looking phone.
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