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    Article: Verizon Claims it has Won Global Traveler's "World's Best Service


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    Very odd!! I left Verizon many years ago as they had a very poor choice of mobile phones for those of us that travelled globally, CDMA is not a system used in very many places. I used to find it very annoying that everytime I would land in another country I had to go into options on the phone and switch to GPS to make it work. I have since used T-Mobile and ATT, (my preference is ATT). Verizon may be good in the North America, but unless you consider that is the world then they have a long way to go.

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    Even after the FCC ruling where they had to refund millions and pay millions in fines, they're still "best service provider?" That makes me giggle a little.

    Just the fact that the sources are not as verifiable as they should be is seriously disconcerting. Hope Big Red can caugh something up later.

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    It's basically BS......I agree with dushdavj 150%

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