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    Article: Top 5 Wish List for iOS 5


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    While 1 thru 3 willnprobablly be addresed; 4 I'm not so sure of. The only way apple would do any type of widget is if it can sustain the same battery life as the iphone4. Apples way of doing things is to give the best user experience. Which it does. No other device is so well rounded.

    As far as number 5 on your list. You have it all wrong. 95% of the apps do not have the permissions to run in the background. The exeptions being things like music and gps apps. All others are put in a frozen state. They do not use the CPU. They remain in that frozen state until you return to the app and picks up where you left off.

    There is nothing wrong with the way apple handles this. While not true ton the letter multi-tasking it serves the purpose and does so without affecting performance or battery life. This is why the number one download on on the android market is a task killer. People feel the need to do this for performance and battery sake.

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