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    Article: Time Traveler in 1928 with Cell Phone in Charlie Chaplin's "Circus


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    Come on, Mark. The guy has absolutely no proof that it was in fact a phone. You never see a device in the hands of the "woman", I do the quotes because it looks like a man.

    Is this a joke post?

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    Well, there you go... Charlie Chaplin had the drop on us !
    But...I think I recognize the lady... Steve Jobs grand-mother. No wait...that´s Mike Laziridis great-great aunt ?. I dunno, black and white movies aren´t that clear...
    Very strange though! Thanks Mark!

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    Well, from the words of one my co-workers; "this is just a crazy person talking to a brick".. Yes; that's what was actually said. I guess that what crazy folk did back in the 20s; talk to bricks.

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