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But know I have found a better one. I used Swift for many months and ... Smartphone News forum

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    Swift WAS my keyboard...


    But know I have found a better one. I used Swift for many months and loved it. I even got on the Swift Beta bandwagon to keep up with some new features. One of the new features I really liked was the number row on top of the keyboard. It worked great to start with but then started giving me problems. When I chose the Beta with the number row it stopped giving me the predictive text row and spell correct (which unfortunately is a must for me). So I ventured out into Google Play searching for the newest and greatest thing...and I found it! Kii. It's the best of the best. It has combined all the cool features of all the other keyboards and put it into one app. Give it a try. I'll be surprised if you don't like it.

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    I'll give it a whirl cats, I used Swift for awhile too but just drifted back to the stock google keyboard

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    Thanks Cats. I give it a spin as well.
    I've also used Swiftkey from day one almost, and I'm still in their Beta mail list, but after a few hiccups with
    the app I decided on Swype. I've been using it for a long while and have no complaints. Great dictionary and it's very accurate now after it learned my habits.

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    I think Jay mentioned that keyboard awhile ago.

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    I did. Its pretty good. I've since just started using Google keyboard. Works well enough. May redownload Kii again...been awhile.

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