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    Article: Smartphone Comparison: Google Nexus One VS HTC EVO 4G


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    Survey Says: Sprint EVO for me

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    Does anyone know if the HTC EVO 4g will be available in an unlocked version from other than national service providers like Sprint? I've just ordered a Nexus One to do a hands on review, but I'm intrigued by the HTC as well. Tks.

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    this is great. These two phones seem very similar, besides the obvious 4g and screen size. I think we all know who's the actually winner.

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    This is a pretty superficial comparison, even looking at cost. It should be pointed out that the Evo is $10/month more expensive than any non-4G data handset on Sprint (even if you're not in a 4G market), and that doesn't even include the built in WiFi hotspot support (which is somewhere along the lines of $20/month more). An unsubsidized Nexus One on T-Mobile is cheaper still on a monthly basis, and includes tethering up to the 10 GB monthly allotment for no additional service fee.

    I've handled both devices. I got one of the Evo handsets on day 2 of Google I/O, and after a few days gave it to a friend on Sprint in exchange for a Nexus One. Build quality on both devices is considerably better than the previous generation HTC devices (Dream/Magic) -- I don't worry about either of them scratching while alone in a pocket like my Google Ion from last year did. The Evo has a metal border around the screen area (similar to the Moto Droid), which is likely the main contributor in weight over the Nexus One. The Evo screen is LCD, instead of AMOLED, which can be a positive or a negative, depending on what you value most from a screen. The camera quality between both was not distinguishable; the size of the sensor is pretty irrelevant when you're using the sort of optics that are in these cellphones. Both use microUSB for charging/mass storage on a computer.

    Software wise, I thought that both supported MS Exchange. I was able to add an account in 2.1-u1 on the Nexus One, and I'm able to do even more now that I've updated to Froyo (since that adds support for policy management and such on a level comparable to the iPhone). I did find a pretty nasty bug on the Evo, however; sometimes when plugged into a computer's USB port (consistently on some ports, consistently not on other ports), the home button ceases to function (pressing it causes the device to do the slide animation, but it returns to the screen it was on when the button was pushed, rather than the home screen). When the device is unplugged, the button returns to correct behavior immediately.

    I don't expect much support for the front facing camera in the near term. The API for accessing it is Sprint (not device!) specific. The Sprint/HTC team went ahead with implementing this feature without working with the Android team proper to add multi-camera support on the devices. If another carrier starts selling devices with similar features, they will need to create their own API that is incompatible with Sprint's. According to the Sprint developer relations guy (that told me the above), the earliest that they expect a reconciled camera API is in Gingerbread.

    Overall, they really are "cousin" devices. Biggest factor for me was the change in carrier, and that the Nexus One remains to be the preferred device for staying on the leading edge (since all of the Googlers have one from last Christmas).
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