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    Article: PlayBook on Sale @ Best Buy!


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    Yeah RIM; knock off 300 from the 32G then we have a deal.

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    too late I have already bought mine. The comments I have read is they may be clearing their stock ready for a 4G version or maybe one with vs 2 software. RIM has had bad press with the playbook, mainly from the Apple IPad die-hards. As I have said before the Playbook has a better camera, is easier to carry, and works well for what I need, and I have access to an IPad and an IPad2. The IPad has far more Apps available (a lot scaled up from the IPhone) plus they have had a 2 year lead on others. It seems to me from the press (and I hasten to add not from Pinstack) that the tech press want every other Pad device to fail, even see articles give the next 10 Pads to fail (following the TouchPad). Just think if all that is available is the IPad then prices will go up, development will slow down and everything will be boringly the same!

    Rumor has it Staples will be selling them at half price for 2 days only.

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