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    Article: Pinstack Snoops are Snoopier - We've Got the Contacts, Baby!


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    Great post, Mark!

    We need your help, Stackers, to bring PinStack back to the top!

    We know many people were put off by our switch from a Blackberry only forum to an all-encompassing smartphone site, but that's life, folks.

    While I am still a BlackBerry devotee, the fact remains that Apple and Android have some pretty darn nice devices, many of which our user base have converted to. As Mark said, we need your contacts and your contributions to make PinStack the "go to" site it once was.

    Thanks to Mark, getsugatensho and Delfim who have all made excellent contributions to this site by their posting of numerous industry news articles, we are back on top in the feeds, but again, we need your help in growing our base of sources so that we can "scoop" everyone else! We won't get 'em all, but with your continued help, we'll bring PinStack back to the forefront of sites of this type.

    We are also in the process of and planning many more giveaways to bring back some excitement to the forums, so stay tuned! There are some great apps, themes and products to be had here in the coming weeks! Spread the word and bring people back to PinStack where they belong!

    We also understand that many people have had issues with the new site layout. We are working with the new owners, Lee and John of Escalate Media to make the user experience here a lot more user friendly and enjoyable, so if you have suggestions, please don't hesitate to let us know! We are listening and want to hear from you!
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    Hi Mark - great article and a great case-in-point.
    I just want to add - there are lot´s of stackers on Pinstack that can help out.
    As recent as a year ago the activity on Pinstack was great, but already then, we, the usual die-hards, noticed a drop in participation. Mostly due to the fact that, in my opinion, the site opened to all OS. Stackers got easily side tracked and also other avenues opened up - especially iPhone and Android - and to come back is all that much more of a problem.
    The stackers that have gone to iPhone and Android (and others) ARE also convinced this forum is for BB afficionados, only. They have that impression.
    We know better of course, but then it´s up to us to re-invite them all back in. And we have to do this forcefully. Use e-mail, use IM, use sms, call them. Whatever is there, we must call them back. For this purpose I suggest we go through the lists (and there are thousands) and try and contact the "dormant" buddies - let´s use their information (when it´s available on their personal profile) and send a "reminder".
    I´m gonna start doing this. How about you ?

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    Fascinating to see that Pinstack members are on top of things. I think it's great and another selling point as to why Pinstack is the place to be!
    Great article Mark, keep up the good work!

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    Nice to see people want to get involved, i will try as well.

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